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potash fertilizer

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potash fertilizer

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Crops lack potassium fertilizer, will get "chondropathy", are easy to fall down, often plagued by bacteria and pests Potassium is often called a "quality element". It has the following effects on the quality of crop products: (1) It can promote crops to make better use of nitrogen, increase the content of protein, and promote the generation of sugar and starch; The nucleoli, seeds, fruits, tubers, and roots are enlarged, and the shape and color are beautiful; (3) Increase the oil content of oil crops and increase the content of vitamin C in fruits; Accelerate the ripening of fruits, vegetables and other crops, so that the ripening period is consistent; ⑤ Enhance the product resistance to bruising and natural decay, extend the storage period; ⑥ Increase the strength, length and fineness of cotton and hemp crop fibers, color purity.

Potassium can improve crop resistance, such as drought resistance, cold resistance, lodging resistance, disease, and pest attack ability.

The harm of excessive application of potassium fertilizer:

Excessive application of potassium will not only waste valuable resources but also cause the absorption of cations such as calcium and magnesium to decrease, resulting in leaf vegetables "rot heart", apple "bitter pox" and so on.

Excessive application of potassium fertilizer will cause soil environmental pollution and water pollution.

Excessive application of potash will weaken the productivity of crops.

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